About Team 1st Technologies

Who is Team 1st Technologies and what is an Interactive Classroom?

Trisha Dworsky
David Dworsky

Team 1st Technologies is changing the way teachers teach and how students learn with technology.

We have taken our 30 plus years of experience in education and added audio visual integration to find ways to improve the educational environment for K12, Higher Education, adult learning, training, business, and government.

Our education focused audio visual integration and interactive technologies sales team is made up of former educators with more than 30 years of experience. They provide solution based sales that result from their understanding of the educational environment including elementary, junior high and high school and Higher Education.

Our highly awarded professional development training manager is a 30 year educational veteran. Trisha has received the Presidential award of teaching excellence in math, she has a Golden Apple Award, Intel teach to the future, Christa Mc Auliffe award and many other certifications in pedagogy based learning using technology. She has dedicated her life to the classroom teacher and their students, and in doing so has been able to vet technologies that have been proven to work.

We have effectively worked with hundreds of teachers throughout New Mexico and Texas to help them implement interactive classroom activities and technology that work. These interactive technologies are effectively changing the way students learn.

We are fully aware of most educators’ goal to increase student achievement by using the latest tools and products from the collaborative learning industry including whiteboards, and student response systems, known as the educational clickers, from eInstruction and Turning Technologies. In addition we install classroom response systems and document cameras and audio visual integration equipment to ensure the interactive learning process is functioning at its optimum success.