Fourth-graders at Bernalillo Elementary got a taste of environmental science Friday as part of a hands-on learning event held at five schools in the U.S. and Latin America.

The experiment was possible thanks to four Labdisc data loggers – devices about the size of smoke detectors with 14 wireless sensors.

Boxlight, the manufacturer, donated the $550 data loggers as part of its new STEM Day initiative, which aims to bring science and technology curriculum to low-income schools.

Albuquerque education company Team 1st Technologies worked with Boxlight to coordinate the experiment and trained Braden on the Labdisc system.

Team 1st Technologies founder Trisha Dworsky, a former teacher, said it’s rewarding to see children get excited about science, technology, engineering and math, high-paying fields with strong job markets.

“They have been amazing in their interest,” Dworsky said. “If we can get these kiddos to know this stuff by the time they get to high school, they will be ahead.”

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Labdisc portable STEM lab

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