GradeCam is a professional problem solver for teachers everywhere. We make teachers’ problems our problems and design technologies that solve for them.


  • Immediate feedback for students
  • Create and print answer forms on plain old paper
  • Transfer grades into any electronic grade book
  • Aggregate and share assessments with fellow educators


Our school adopted Grade Cam this year and WOW ! what an awesome program ! I love it; it has really benefited me in many ways, so, thank you !

Lisa Moyer

Cleveland Middle School, Texas


We are on FIRE with GradeCam here in Issaquah this week. All of our secondary teachers are in the process of giving pre-assessments to their students and it is going remarkably well!! Yay!!


Dianna Eggers

Issaquah WA

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Flash assignments in front of your smartphone, tablet, webcam or document camera.



Grades instantly populate onto your computer and can be transferred into your electronic grade book with one keystroke.



Use results analysis for live formative assessment. Your job here is done!