The QOMO Solution

QOMO offers a full line of complete interactive solution products that can turn your classroom or office into a fully integrated environment. Contact us to learn more about the individual products and learn how they can work together to help you.

Journey 13 Series

Journey 13 Series – MULTI-TOUCH LED PANEL

Introducing QOMO’s newest Journey 13 series LED panel with a brighter, clearer image and ultra fast response. The new Journey 13 panel gives users a more accurate tactile experience that requires virtually no calibration. 86″ is the only Journey 13 Series with 4k!
With an advanced Android interface, annotate over any window and input. Enjoy free movement while accessing your Android toolbar easily.


Mobile Control

Want to project your iOS device? You can project your iPhone or iPad to your screen using AirPlay via AirServer (Download AirServer to your Mac or PC) and then wirelessly project your computer screen to the interactive whiteboard or screen. Open and use any iPad app, broadcast for an entire audience to see!

30+ BYOD devices can see the Teacher’s desktop!

BYOD has never been this easy. Teachers can project their computer screen wirelessly to every student’s mobile device, Interactive Whiteboard or Interactive Screen using this innovative new device. So every student can view a lesson presentation from their own iPads, make annotation, and save their notes to study with later!

Key Features

Windows/Mac Compatible

QConnect has cross platform capabilities so that BYOD is accessible to everyone.

64+ Users

Connect over 64 users to interact and share at once.
Configure multiple QConnect devices
Allows multiple QConnect device(s) to be configured at once to connect as many users as needed.

4-Way Screen Split

Project four devices on one screen at one time to share and collaborate.
Conference Control
Allows the user to control and manage all users connected to the QConnect

Mirror Projection

User is able to project their screen to the main screen for demonstrations and presentations.