Make interactive learning memorable with Workspace and the Touchboard. Create and present interactive lessons from anywhere in the room with a Mobi View. Engage and motivate all students with QT1 and RF LCD student response systems and increase engagement by 94%.

Simple. Reliable. Seamless.

Turning Technologies’ solutions provide endless ways to engage. Create collaborative, interactive learning environments.

Leverage the instructional material you need. Easily create new questions or use existing content.

Deliver real-time or self-paced assessments, surveys or questions to obtain learner feedback.

Touch Board Plus

Get hands-on with instruction and allow participants the freedom to control and annotate content with fingertips. Touch Board Plus allows up to 6 multi-touch points to support collaborative material that utilizes every inch for interaction. Pen-and-finger system gives participants multiple ways to solve problems, write sentences or draw pictures for more engaging, hands-on experiences. Steel surface supports magnets when used with dry erase markers or in non-interactive mode.

Mobi View

Mobi View is a handheld interactive whiteboard featuring a unique 4.3″ color LCD touch screen that provides the ability to deliver and control content from anywhere in the room without the need for a computer. Write and record private or public notes and gain immediate feedback on assessment data to gauge learner perception. Touch screen allows you to store favorite resources, use keyboard functionality and view reports down to the individual learner.


Deliver enhanced learning experiences

TurningPoint is an easy-to-use engagement and assessment solution that allows students to participate in real-time using their own device. A variety of interactive polling options are available to meet the unique needs of each and every instructor.


Deliver interactive PowerPoint presentations using seamlessly created polling slides.


Poll over top of web pages, video, documents or any application using a floating toolbar.


Deliver assessments, evaluations and surveys that require students to work at their own pace.


Stand-alone polling environment allows instructors to create interactive questions online to deliver to mobile devices.

Whiteboard Software

Award-winning WorkSpace software powers the Mobi View, allowing instructors to choose from more than 60 easy-to use annotation tools to deliver content, focus on specific lesson points and highlight critical information. Convert handwritten text, numbers, shapes and equations into printed content, making material more readable for participants.